The saint of the round and round

By Linda Ravenswood

The baby sleeps long in the afternoon sometimes
and sometimes he won’t
and sometimes I watch the shows or sometimes I write
if the story wants to get known.
Sometimes I wander and pick at the food,
I want to go out but that would take all kinds
of preparations like finding clothes to wear or
finding the chance of soap and water
or finding those things you need for the world out there.
The days become the weeks become the months become the
life, in this way.

Linda Ravenswood is a poet and performance artist from Los Angeles. Her work has been published in 30 literary journals, with music appearing in three documentary films (PBS), four books in print (Sybaritic Press, Mouthfeel Press, Gallery 16 Press, LACMA Press – forthcoming), and she is a 2016 Vermont Studio Centre grantee in Poetry. Finalist for Poet Laureate of West Hollywood (2016), and twice nominated for The Pushcart Prize for Poetry, Linda is a lecturer, dramaturg and workshop presenter, most recently teaching at Occidental College and The 24th Street Theatre. Linda Ravenswood is NDN / First Nation, (Pokanoket, Wampanoag) and a Mayflower descendant on her mother’s side, and an Indigenous Mestizaje from Baja California Sur on her father’s side. She was raised in Los Angeles by Jewish Holocaust survivors from WWII.